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Even though I think a CMA franchise offers an excellent financial opportunity for an owner, I am primarily driven by the strong and proven belief that children who go through CMA come out as more well-rounded, superiorly-trained, confident, and successful young musicians. We’re looking for franchise owners who not only want an exciting business opportunity, but share this same desire. If this value stirs something in your soul, I encourage you to contact us and let’s begin the journey together. We don’t grant franchises to everyone, but I promise that we’ll do our best to hear your heart and give you every opportunity to see if a CMA franchise is for you.

Jan Cross

Jan is the co-founder and owner of Children’s Music Academy Franchising, Inc.

Five Reasons to Own a Children's Music Academy

  • You’re joining a company with a proven history. CMA has tens of thousands of graduates.
  • You’ll teach a unique, proprietary curriculum unlike any other.
  • You will collaborate with partners and owners who share your passion and will contribute to your success.
  • Because of our approach, you will see families experience an exceptional bonding experience.
  • The potential is unlimited. While many schools are dropping music, CMA is there to 'save the musical day' and provide superior music education.

The Ideal Owner

A successful CMA owner is characterized by the following:
  • A love and gift for teaching young children
  • Someone who is organized and can follow curriculum and administrative guidelines
  • Qualified to teach the CMA curriculum
  • Able to meet initial investment requirements
  • Someone who understands what it takes to run a business

The Process

Step 1: Application Inquiry
Submit your application inquiry here

Children’s Music Academy’s franchise president will contact you to schedule an initial informational phone call.

Step 2: Initial Pre-Qualification
Initial call and pre-qualification

The purpose of this call is to address general questions pertaining to Children’s Music Academy and to “get to know each other”. Provided both you and Children’s Music Academy are interested in the next step, we’ll invite you to submit an application.

Step 3: Submit Application and Forms
Submit application and additional forms

Complete and submit the Franchise Application and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
Receive Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Step 4: Video Interview
Video interview, process overview and FDD Review

Video interview with the franchise president and franchise development team.
Review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Agreement (FA).
Establish next steps and expectations.

Step 5: On-Site Meeting
On-site meeting in Denver, Colorado at Children’s Music Academy headquarters

Meet with Executive team.
Review outstanding questions.
Visit local studios.

Step 6: Final Approval
Final approval & execution of franchise agreement

If/when both partners desire to move forward—Children’s Music Academy awards you a franchise!
Franchise agreements are reviewed and signed.

Step 7: Launch Start-Up Plan
Launch the 6-month start-up plan

Attend Business Operations and Studio Management Training in Denver, CO.
Secure studio location and set up studio.
Begin advertising and enrollment.

Step 8: Classes
Classes begin!

Student registration continues.
Grand Opening event (1-month after opening).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Children’s Music Academy?

Children’s Music Academy is a music school for young children ages three to nine years old. At Children's Music Academy children learn music in a fun, positive, affirming, and creative environment—we want kids to enjoy music. In our unique group setting children experience imaginative and engaging age-appropriate activities and games. At CMA, a parent (or sometimes a grandparent) participates with the child and their involvement is key to the child’s musical growth. Our curriculum is multi-dimensional and teaches piano/keyboard, singing, theory (harmony, melody, rhythm, note reading, key signatures, time signatures, scales), ear training, composition, ensemble playing, various music genres and styles, guitar, recorder and a variety of percussion instruments. We are incredibly hands-on and kids fully engage with music on all levels.

How long has Children’s Music Academy been in business?

Children’s Music Academy opened its first studio in Denver, Colorado in 1982.

What is the mission of Children’s Music Academy?

The mission of CMA is to provide the finest music education through the proven CMA curriculum to as many young children in as many communities as possible.

How large is Children’s Music Academy?

Children’s Music Academy has 25 studios located throughout the United States.

What type of training and support is provided to franchisees? After initial training, what kind of support will I receive?

Franchisees are trained and prepared to operate a successful studio and provide students with a superior music education. Children’s Music Academy franchisee training program provides franchisees with the tools to succeed in teaching the curriculum, administrating the business, and marketing/enrollment. Our training program includes (but not limited to):

• On-site training at the CMA headquarters in Denver, CO
• Training with your field representative when they visit your studio location.
• Assistance with building out your studio
• A custom software system to manage the studio business including Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
• Discounts on equipment through our network of partners.
• Grand Opening and continued marketing support through plan development and execution, creative and collateral, PR, social media upkeep and innovation

Our franchise team works closely with franchisees and extensive training is offered in the first 18 months after signing the Franchise Agreement (additional training is offered as needed). The training team at CMA is driven not only by their passion for the mission but also with the simple understanding that CMA success only comes when a franchise becomes more successful.  

Will I receive assistance in selecting a site for my school?

Yes, we will help you determine the best site for a studio. We will combine our experience with your local knowledge to find the best location.

Will I receive guidance on purchasing equipment and supplies?

Yes, you will receive guidance on purchasing equipment. We will provide you with studio design & inventory guidelines to help you get your studio up and running; and have negotiated discounts with vendors on your behalf.

What is my investment for a Children’s Music Academy franchise?

The cost to establish a Children’s Music Academy ranges from $72,000-$105,000. These costs include the initial franchise fee and startup costs. Candidates should have good credit and demonstrate an ability to obtain financing. Because we want the franchise to be successful, we are committed to help an owner keep costs as low as possible without sacrificing the quality of the CMA approach.

What are the ongoing royalty fees?

The royalties are 8%.

Does Children’s Music Academy assist with financing?

No, we do not offer financing.

How much money can I make?

As with any small business profitability depends on a number of factors including your ability to generate enrollment, manage the business and control costs. When we begin serious discussions regarding our franchise program we will provide you with the appropriate Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and you’ll garner information which will help you create your own business plan.

Will I have a protected territory for my school?

Yes, each franchise is granted an exclusive operating territory where we will not place another Children’s Music Academy business.

What are the territory criteria?

In granting territories we consider population, demographics and competition. The franchisee prospect and the Children’s Music Academy development team agree upon the specific boundaries of a territory before a Franchise Agreement is signed.

Do I need to teach Children’s Music Academy classes in order to own a franchise?

From our experience we have found that the most successful CMA franchises are run by owners who also teach CMA.

I am from a small town. Can I have a successful CMA studio?

Yes. Please contact Children’s Music Academy regarding information and costs associated with opening a CMA studio in a small town.

Can I own multiple franchises?


Who is in charge of finding the teachers?

It is up to each franchise owner to find and hire teachers. We will recommend resources to help you find these teachers, assist you in creating the job description and evaluating candidates, and provide training opportunities; but ultimately finding teachers is your responsibility.

What size space do I need for a Children’s Music Academy studio?

A typical one-classroom studio is approximately 1,000 square feet. This space houses the classroom, waiting area, office, bathroom(s) and storage.

Can I contact current franchise owners?

Yes, you are welcome to contact our current franchisees. They’re wonderful people and have worked hard at making CMA a success in their communities. However, please note that franchises that opened prior to 2014 were started under a completely different system than we now offer, and the resources currently available were not developed when they opened. In spite of that, they have done significant work and now have the newly developed resources available for the CMA operation.

I own a school for the Arts and am looking to add a music program. Is it possible to incorporate Children’s Music Academy into my school?

Our experience tells us that operating a CMA studio is most successful as a stand-alone program. In rare cases we would consider this “incorporation” situation.

How do I contact Franchise Development?

Call us today at 303.771.3333 or email us at


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As a CMA franchise owner you will receive a protected territory in which you will operate your studio. We currently have territories available throughout the United States, excluding the following states of California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. Please contact us to discuss available territories in your area.


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