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Who We Are

At Children's Music Academy we teach music to young children in a fun, positive, affirming, and creative environment—we want kids to enjoy music. Classes are designed to captivate a child's interest and imagination through engaging, age-appropriate activities and games. In our unique group setting, children experience a supportive teacher who cares for and encourages them; while learning with peers inspires confidence and motivates greater learning.

I have been bringing our children to CMA for over 11 years now. We drive 2 hours to get there, and it has been worth every penny and every mile and every long day! At one time, we had 3 students at a time taking classes on the same day. We now have in our family a very accomplished pianist, an accomplished guitarist, a bass player and drummer, a fiddle player and our newest graduate will also take up the guitar, as well as take the CMA Master’s program. The teachers are so loving and caring. I would do whatever it takes to get my children to CMA.

Mother of Five CMA Graduates
Mother of Five CMA Graduates

Seriously Fun

The kids are already having a blast, now add to the fun Mom or Dad (or often a Grandparent) who comes to class and participates with the child. Parent involvement encourages musical togetherness and play, and is key to a child's musical growth. As a parent, you're getting a two-for-one deal—you'll learn the same skills as your child! But even more important—you're getting a musical date with your child each week. Nothing for you to plan—simply show up and enjoy learning music together. You'll build memories that will, like music, last a lifetime!

But don't be fooled by all the fun- there’s some serious learning going on.

CMA is not a single-focused private piano, voice or guitar lesson. Our curriculum is multi-dimensional and teaches piano/keyboard, singing, theory (harmony, melody, rhythm, note reading, key signatures, time signatures, scales), ear training, composition, ensemble playing, various music genres and styles, guitar, recorder and a variety of percussion instruments. We are incredibly hands-on and kids fully engage with music on all levels.

For more than 30 years, Children's Music Academy has delivered this quality music education to tens of thousands of students.

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A Little About Our History

After years of teaching music to young children in a small-group setting I developed the curriculum for Children’s Music Academy and we opened our first studio in Littleton, Colorado in the mid 1980’s. I began with 15 children in a small studio in my home. Presently, we have more than 2500 students, 65 teachers, and 25 studios throughout the United States, 18 of which are franchises. I wrote the curriculum predicated on research that shows children should begin their music training early—preferably in their preschool/kindergarten years. This “musical window” is the age when they absorb music like they absorb language. The younger a child is when they begin their music education the more musical he/she will be. Our curriculum takes advantage of this unique window enabling us to foster greater musicality in tens of thousands of children.

It has been a rewarding journey to affect the lives of so many children through Children’s Music Academy and we look forward increased growth in the future so we can reach thousands more!

Jan Cross

Children’s Music Academy Co-Founder and Author

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