That One Special Gift Children Love Most for Christmas


Christmas is a very special time of the year. A time when family and friends gather to celebrate the season and each other. It is especially a favorite time of the year for children, and for good reason.

Christmas LessonsHave you ever watched a child who has received a musical instrument for Christmas? If so, then you have seen the immediate connection children make to music. Regardless of whether they can play properly or not, they will spend a lot of time with their new musical gift. Children have a natural attraction to music and they pick it up much faster than adults. Children as young as three years old will develop strong musical abilities if they are given the opportunity.

Today, you can give the Gift of Music to a child you love for Christmas. Beginning in January, the Children’s Music Academy of Springfield will be starting classes for 4 – 6 year old children in the Springfield, Missouri Area.

Our fun, non-pressure, creative music lessons will help to open up the creativity that is waiting to blossom in your child! They will learn so much and will have a lot of fun doing it! Our inclusive lessons also allow the parents (or guardians) to participate as well. The simple step of including adults causes the success rates of our system to far out-perform any other music lesson system. The weekly “musical date” will provide a unique bonding experience as you learn music right along with your child.

Every class follows the same schedule as the Springfield Public School System, so we do not interfere with vacations or school breaks. Call us today at 417.425.4618 to learn more! Space is limited so please act now!

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