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Tia Adcock

Tia Adcock

Teacher/Marketing Coordinator

Fun Facts
  • Background: B.A. in Vocal Performance from University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music (Denver, Colorado)
  • Years teaching: 11 years (piano, organ, cello and voice)
  • Facebook or Instagram? Facebook
  • Beach or Mountains? Mountains
  • If you were a music note? An eighth note
  • If you were an animal? Border Collie
  • Favorite hobby: Gymnastics
  • Hometown: Wheat Ridge, CO
Eugenia Appelhans

Eugenia Appelhans


Fun Facts
  • Background: B.A. in Elementary Education, emphasis in Linguistically Diverse Education from University of Northern Colorado.
  • Studied Piano: 10 years, flute for 8 years
  • Everyone should read: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
  • Beach or mountains? Mountains
  • Years teaching: 12 years (8 with CMA)
  • Facebook or Instagram? Facebook
  • Hobby or interest: crafts
  • Family: Married (to Brandon) with 2 kids and 2 dogs (Gretsch & Doc)
  • Little known fact: I love office supplies!
  • Hometown: Loveland, CO
Joana Campos

Joana Campos

Enrollment Officer

Fun Facts
  • Background: BA in Elementary Education, Emphasis in Linguistically Diverse Education from University of Northern Colorado.
  • Years teaching: 4 years in an elementary school, 10 years of piano study

  • Beach or Mountains? Beach

  • If you were a music note? Half rest

  • If you were an animal? Elephant

  • Favorite hobby: Baking

  • Favorite Quote: “Your Life is an Occasion. Rise to it.” -Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

  • Favorite movie: About Time

  • Hometown: Loveland, CO and Aveiro, Portugal

Tira VanderVegt

Tira VanderVegt


Fun Facts
  • Background: B.A. in Music Education with an emphasis in Piano Performance from Colorado University at Boulder
  • Studied Piano: 17 years
  • CMA teacher since… 2006
  • Mountains or Beach? Mountains
  • Facebook or Instagram? Facebook
  • Favorite Quote: “It is often easier to nurture assumptions than to nurture people’s hearts” -Harvey Friesen, pastor
  • Favorite movie: The Bourne Trilogy
  • If you were a music note? Dotted-eighth-sixteen (a little jumpy and spastic, but love precision)
  • Hobby or interest: 20th Century Russian History
  • Family: Married to Irving since 2002
  • Hometown: Wheat Ridge, CO