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Fun and Supportive

At Children's Music Academy kids experience the wonder of music. Making music is fun in our positive and affirming group classes for children ages 3 to 9 years old. We believe our comprehensive approach to music education cultivates a lifelong love of music in our young musicians.

My daughter, Molly, recently graduated from the CMA program, and I can honestly say it was one of the most valuable investments that we have ever made. She was given excellent instruction in piano, music theory and ear training, and most importantly, a love for music! A wonderful bonus is that because it is parent/child, I too “re-learned” how to play piano!

KatiCMA Mom

Fun & Supportive

Our small-group setting is fun and supportive and naturally draws children into the learning activities. Activities are fast-paced-incorporating games, stories, songs, dance and ensemble playing; and involve a variety of musical instruments including keyboard, recorder, glockenspiel, guitar and various percussion instruments.

Parents Participate

We are a parent participation program so that means Mom or Dad (or occasionally a grandparent) comes to class too. The time you spend with your child at CMA is a special bonding experience and communicates to your child that he/she is important enough for you to take the time to be involved. You and your child will look forward to your "musical date" each week as you learn music together!


Throughout a course each class will participate in group performances. When they complete their course the class will celebrate with a graduation where students receive trophies and diplomas.

Class Length

Classes meet one hour per week and are offered at a variety of times: mornings, early afternoons, late afternoons, and evenings. CMA enrolls new students each Fall and Spring and our semesters follow the calendar year of the school system of your local studio (seasonal breaks and national holidays are observed). Please contact your local studio for course availability and schedules.

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